Privacy Policy

  1. EU Media Ltd is a processor of personal data, and is registered as such with the Comission for Data Protection under registration number 430280
  2. EU Media Ltd aims to ensure the protection of personal data, and respects the data protection laws of Bulgaria.
  3. Your data is collected in order to enhance your usage of the website,, and to enable general improvements to the service. This enables:
    1. The sending of opt-in newsletters
    2. Allowing users to subscribe and receive an ad-free experience after logging in
    3. Associating comments made on the site to a user
    4. Accepting user-submitted content onto the site
    5. Understanding the user-base better by viewing analytical data that does not include names or email addresses, of site usage
  4. EU Media Ltd engages a number of third parties which handle various functions for the company. To find out more about their policies please consult their respective sites. The list includes:
    1. Google (for analytics and advertising)
    2. Taxamo (handles VAT compliance for subscriptions)
    3. BrainTree (handles payment processing)
    4. SendGrid (sends emails on our behalf)
  5. The data collected and stored by EU Media Ltd on this site includes but is not limited to:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your email address
    3. Your usage of the site
    4. Your billing address
  6. The site is hosted on servers within the European Union.
  7. From time to time EU Media Ltd may send you messages about the status of your account. Promotional content and information about new articles are provided on a strictly opt-in basis and can be opted-out of using the instructions at the bottom of each email.
  8. We will not sell your data to third parties.
  9. Any questions about your data may be addresses to [email protected]