The Tsarevets Fortress Comes to Life at the End of June

Eight centuries after its enthronement, the great emperor (or tsar) Ivan Assen II will return behind the fortress walls of Tsarevets.

This was announced by the press centre of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The glorious years of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom will come to life through the International Festival of Historical Reconstructions "Medieval Tarnovgrad".

The big cultural forum will take place in the period June 29 - July 1, and the occasion for its third edition is the 800th anniversary since Tsar Ivan Assen II (1218-1242) ascends to the Bulgarian throne. The opening will be on June 29th at 19:00 with demonstrations of battle grip and battles in the fortress. That same night the image of the great ruler will awake in the theatre production "Weddings of John Assen II", which will be placed in the Royal Palace.

144 people from Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Serbia will participate in the festival.

They will show concrete elements of the life from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and Medieval Europe. In detail, authentic crafts from the 11th-13th centuries and the accompanying technologies - hot and cold forging, leather processing, parchment production, coin cutting, carving, knife making and lace knitting will be presented in detail. Moreover, the visitors will have the ability to try the medieval Bulgarian and European cuisine. Demonstrations of military battles, fencing, and many more will evaluate the excellent army skills of the medieval Bulgarians.

Every visitor will be able to participate in archery as well as to study weapon fighting techniques. Each of the three evenings will end with a concert with medieval Balkan and European music.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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