Troyan Monastery “Holy Mother’s Assumption” in Bulgaria and Its Miracle Icon

The Troyan Monastery “Holy Mother’s Assumption” is one of the most beautiful and full with history monasteries in Bulgaria. It is situated in Central Balkan, at about 400 meters above sea level. It is 10 km southeast from Troyan, between the villages of Oreshak and Cherni Osam – a very beautiful place, one of the best for family tourism. It is a working male monastery.

The monastery is best known for the work of the great painter Zakhari Zograf who painted the exterior and interior of the main church, built in 1835.

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Troyan monastery is the third biggest monastery in Bulgaria and according to the monastery’s chronicles - several hermits who also brought with themselves the miracle-working icon of “Holy Virgin Troerouchitsa” (three-handed Holy Mother) established it at the beginning of 17th century.

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The Monastery experienced hard times as it was assaulted, destroyed, and all monks were brutally killed. It was declared as “Stauropegial” in 1830 and later developed into a cultural and religious center. During the 19 century, Troyan Monastery was very famous and a revolutionary center as well. It was also an asylum for rebels during the time of Ottoman Rule. In 1872, Bulgarian Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski set up in the monastery a secret revolutionary monks committee. Four years later, the monastery became a citadel of the 1876 April Uprising.

In the monastery, you can see the room of Tsar Boris III, as well as a Troyan household room from the Renaissance. There are many interesting objects in its collection - such as the mugs donated to the monastery by Raina Knyaginya. In the church "Assumption" in the southern courtyard of the monastery, the body of the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim was laid in a marble tomb.

The Troyan Monastery is also famous for its incredible woodcarving. The oldest carving is the marvelous iconostasis of the chapel „St.Nikola” which is distinguished with its genuine qualities and was created in 1794.

The Monastery offers rooms, so you can arrange your accommodation there. Around the monastery area, there are several pubs and restaurants, where you can try traditional cuisine and taste the famous plum brandy, called rakiya.

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Thousands of pilgrims from all over the country gather annually in the Troyan Monastery to honor the Assumption on 15 August. All visitors have the opportunity to touch the Holy Virgin Troerouchitsa icon, which is believed to be miraculous and to have healing power.

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