Top 5 Places to Live in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers amazing opportunities for anyone who has asked to live here - incredible nature, four seasons, sea, mountain, history, culture. Bulgaria may be small, but it has everything and is ready to share it with everyone. In this article, we will show you five of the best cities to live in, and leave it up to you to choose where you would like to be:

  • Of course, the most preferred place to live by is the capital city of Bulgaria Sofia, as it provides many opportunities for development. Besides many job offers, the capital has all kinds of modern entertainment, which can hardly be found in smaller towns. Many companies fly to and from Sofia and you can reach dozens of points around the world. On the other hand, every year the city is becoming more and more crowded, all possible places are built up and trafficking early in the morning and evening is difficult to bear at times. In addition, the accommodation in Sofia has some of the highest rental rates, but let's not forget that the capital is also the place with the highest salaries in the country. Numbeo site statistics for different cities show that in Sofia a single person monthly costs are BGN 857.07 without the rent. As an example, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Sofia will cost you in average BGN 700, and in connection with the payment, the site gives an average monthly net salary of BGN 1,201.74.

  • Burgas is the best place to live in Bulgaria in 2017, according to Darik Radio and its listeners. The survey is annually done and for Burgas this was not the first time to win. The city is situated on the Black Sea coast, offering hot summer and mild winter. Burgas also has an International airport as well as a highway connecting it to Sofia and allowing you to reach it within 4 hours. Burgas can offer everything - growing economy, modern infrastructure, amazing views and all the typical services that you will expect in a modern city. A single person monthly costs according to Numbeo, is BGN 766.57 without rent. The average monthly net salary is BGN 813.60 and you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in the city Center for less than BGN 400.

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  • Plovdiv, or as you would probably see it written by its inhabitants pLOVEdiv. The metaphor is not accidental, as the city really brings the love and energy of many inspired people. In 2019, the city will be the European Capital of Culture, and we all look forward to the events that will be prepared by the municipality. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria after the capital and offers development in many creative directions as well as for engineers, IT specialists, doctors, and teachers. In addition, one of the most popular higher education institutions here is the Academy of Music and Dance Arts. The city also has an airport as well as very well-organized public transport, bringing you from the New to the Old Town, where you can dive into a "sea" of history. A single person monthly costs here is around BGN 760 without rent and 1-bedroom apartment costs BGN 425 with an average monthly net salary around BGN 955.

  • If you prefer to be in a town, which is big enough but at the same time calm to live in, and from which you can reach the biggest cities in the country, both mountain and sea, for around two hours, your city is Veliko Tarnovo. The city is the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire in the period 1878 - 1879 and is full of history waiting to be explored. The town offers cold winter but also hot summer and is a destination chosen by tourists because it has different entertainment, interlaced with historical sights, one of which is Tsarevets. Turnovo is famous for its "Sound and Light" show, which everybody has to see. Apartment in the city center costs around BGN 340 with an average monthly net salary of BGN 623.


  • Blagoevgrad is a city in southwestern Bulgaria, the administrative center of Blagoevgrad Municipality with a population of 70,881 inhabitants. The city is about an hour and a half from Sofia and is often not part of the charts we are used to seeing, but it is definitely worth paying attention to. It offers both peace and quiet and many young people, thanks to the popular American University in Bulgaria and the South-Western University. They both offer education for a lot of foreign students and are popular among the Bulgarian students as well. Blagoevgrad is a town with a rich history. The favorable conditions due to the warm mineral springs were the reason for the establishment of the Thracian settlement Skaptopara in around 300 BC. Apartment in the city center costs around BGN 275 with an average monthly net salary of BGN 817.

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