Sandanski and Melnik, Bulgaria

Sandanski and Melnik are part of the beauty of the Pirin region but are undoubtedly among these destinations that are obligatory to visit. Today we offer you to transfer to the coziness and tranquility of the two cities.

At the foot of the Pirin Mountain is situated one of the small but extremely beautiful Bulgarian town - Sandanski. It is also known as the warmest city in the country. Here you can enjoy the incredible scenery, interesting historical sights as well as many eco paths. Sandanski is famous for its clean air, so it attracts many tourists who are looking for an opportunity to escape the big cities and relax. 

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The earliest evidence testifies of the settling in this area are about Thracian tribes around the V century BC. The name of the town is related to the Bulgarian voivode Yane Sandanski, who took part in the Inner Macedonian-Odrin revolutionary organization. In the area of the city, there are many mineral springs with a temperature of 42 to 81 degrees, and low mineralization, which treat many diseases.

The town is also popular with the many festivals organized annually, some of the most well-known are Pirin Folk and Balkan Youth Festival. That is the time when Sandanski is full of people from all over Europe, you can hear music from everywhere and enjoy a unique atmosphere. Wine lovers can also visit the Young Red Wine Festival. If you are willing to walk around, you can visit the Rozhen Monastery, Rupite, the Samuil fortress, and Melnik, about which we will tell you now.

The town of Melnik is located 22 km from Sandanski and is the smallest town in the country. As soon as you enter the town, you will surely go back years ago, thanks to the small picturesque houses, narrow streets, and stone roads.

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Melnik was established in the antiquity and the most interesting times of the city date back to the Middle Ages. In XVII-XVIII century the production of tobacco and wine made the town a trading place. Unfortunately, however, there are less than 300 people living there now. You can see there also the Melnik Earth Pyramids.

The climate is favorable for the cultivation of different varieties of vineyards, one of the most unique beings "Shiroka Melnishka". Wine cellars are known all over Europe.


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