XIV Pumpkin Fеst in Sevlievo, Bulgaria

The longest pumpkin pastry (Tikvenik) and the largest bowl of pumpkin soup will be prepared for the XIV Pumpkin Fеst in Sevlievo, the municipality announced.

Between 11 and 14 October, the Sevlievo holidays will take place in the city, accompanied by the XIV celebrations of the pumpkin and autumn fair. Hosts of the celebrations this year are Maria Sylvester and Niki Kanchev, who will take care of the good mood of the visitors, and this year's chef will be Uti Bachvarov, who will make pumpkin cream soup for everyone and help prepare the longest pumpkin pastry on October 13. Chefs will be sent by different embassies and partner companies to amaze guests with pumpkin specialties from around the world.

The fair opened with a concert of the duo „Riton” on October 11 at 5:30 pm, which will be the beginning of several days of celebrations in the city. The next day begins the XIV celebration of the pumpkin under the motto "Sevlievo - the capital of the pumpkin". Outdoor Carving will be held from 10:30 am and at 11:00 am in the park next to the Bus Station will be officially opened an orange corner with solar benches provided by the electricity supplier ENEKOD.

The street tournament organized by the Rotary Club and the Interact Club - Sevlievo will be held at 10:00 am in the courtyard of High School "Vasil Levski". At 3:00 pm the traveling festival "The Street" comes to Sevlievo with its workshops, many artists, and concerts. The evening will end with a concert of "Oratnitsa". Pumpkin exhibitions and competitions this year will be an indispensable part of the pumpkin festival.

Sevlievo will look for the biggest pumpkin, and in the "Pumpkin Fantasies" and "Pumpkin Delights" exhibitions, everyone can unleash their imagination and become a contender for the awards, as long as they bring creative enthusiasm into their work. With a huge interest this year, the jury is expected to determine the largest pumpkin, whose producer will win a BGN 1,000 prize.

A culinary exhibition "Pumpkin Temptations" will be opened during the holidays. Participants will be divided into two sections and five categories. The exposures will be evaluated in the following categories: pumpkin pastry (Banitsa with pumpkin), roasted pumpkin, other pumpkin desserts, non-traditional dishes and pumpkin drinks (salads, soups, starters, main dishes, juices, etc.), and carving.

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Unique pumpkin bar will serve healthy pumpkin drinks and take care of summer to stay a little longer in the hearts of the visitors. A concert by “Mary Boys Band“ will end the fest on October 13th at 7:00 pm, then thousands of orange lanterns will fly in the sky over Sevlievo.

More surprises that have been prepared by the organizers but kept secret, and can be seen and tasted by visitors of the festival.

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