Plum Festival in Troyan and Oreshak, Bulgaria

The annual Bulgarian Festival of Plum in Troyan will be held on 22-23 September 2018 and will bring together all the lovers of the fruit and its products. The festival itself dates back to 1993 when it was first organized in Oreshak.

The festival is connected with the main livelihood of the Troyan region - the cultivation of plum culture, the production of the Troyan plum brandy (rakia), and many different products – mainly sweet.

On September 22, the main accent will, of course, be the big Bulgarian celebration - the Independence Day of Bulgaria, for which the organizers will offer the residents and guests of the town a dance performance of the Ensemble “Chinari”. At the end of the day, the official start of the festival will be given with a festive march and a musical program.

On September 23 in the morning, a kettle for boiling rakia will be lit, and Bulgarian music will be played throughout the day from the open stage. Don't miss the competition for the best homemade plum rakia, which is traditional for the festival. We hope for the best one to win!

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Craft Street will be at guests' disposal. You can visit the art workshops for ceramics and carving, live demonstrations of jewelry making, decorative candle working, decoupage, woodcarving, painting, etc. You can also make something by yourself or buy some original crafts, which you can take back home. Moreover, you can taste many delicious products there, try the rakia, or buy some traditional Bulgarian drinks.

The festivals’ slogans are: “The plums are not for eating, the plums are for drinking”, “He who drinks under a liter should leave the village”, and “We don’t waste plums”. So if you are willing to take this challenge, then you should definitely visit the Festival.

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