The Palace in Balchik - Romance, Inspiration and Magic

One of the architectural pearls of the Bulgarian Black Sea is undoubtedly the Palace in Balchik. The buildings in the complex and the park in which they are located, are an example of a sense of tranquility and harmony.

Balchik Palace, Bulgaria

The "Palace" in Balchik was built by the Romanian Queen Maria in 1937. Queen Maria is Scottish in origin and her marriage to King Ferdinand of Romania is due to political reasons. The hard life motivated her to turn the fairy bay in Balchik into her refuge. The Italian architects Augustino and Americo took over the exquisite buildings, and the park complex was entrusted to a famous Swiss florist. A few years later the "Palace" rose on the seashore.

The Balchik palace complex is divided into two parts: in the west are all residential and administrative buildings, while in the East there are the gardens and the chapel "Stella Maris". The boundary between the two worlds - the matter and the spirit is the Bridge of Sighs. According to the belief, if you think of a desire and pass three times on the bridge with closed eyes, it will come true. In the eastern part of the complex, you will be able to see the so-called "Nimfeum" (The Temple of Water), where Queen Maria welcomed every birthday or name day.

The University Botanical Garden in Balchik was established in 1955 on the territory of the park in the residence. Today, it has the second largest collection of large-sized cactuses in Europe after Monaco. Today you can see many interesting tree species: cedar, silver oak, which is evergreen, maidenhair tree, candy tree and other plants, which are an exotic rarity.


A legend puts the end to Queen Maria's life. It says that in a tragic evening, the sons of the queen, Mihai, and Nikolay, fought because of a girl and pulled out guns. Their mother rushed to stop them, and Mihai accidentally shot her deadly. In 1941, when Dobrudzha again became Bulgarian territory, they arrived in Balchik and carried the dead remains of the Queen in Romania.


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