Nature Park "The Heavenly Pastures" - The Magical Forest of Wisdom in Bulgaria

65 miles from the capital of Bulgaria, a magical place is hidden. Here you can imagine that you are surrounded by underground kingdoms, and you are a princess, or you can see where Winnie the Pooh lives, and why not - climb the stairs to Paradise.

Nature Park “Heavenly pastures” is a place that preserves the purity of nature, tangled up with the nymphs' love, stories from the past, as well as the dedication of the people who have created the place, far away from the civilization.

This is your place for spiritual awakening and returns to nature because… Everyone needs it sometimes.

“Heavenly pastures” are shaped like a huge natural labyrinth. Wooden signs, stairs for climbing trees, tables and chairs for rest, swings - these are part of your companion objects during the exploration of the place. Heroes of fairy tales, as well as thoughts from antique philosophers, will guide you through beautiful forests, meadows and unknown paths. Nearby is the “Malki Iskar” (Small Iskar) River.


Dr. Vassil Angelov put the beginning of the park in 2006, with constantly evolving new places to awaken repeatedly the curiosity of the people. You can come to the fabulous place "by kindness, desire, and car," says the creator.

Do not miss to walk on Path of Health, to stand in a battle in the Valley of Evil, climb the Bridges of Love, and try to find the Dried Waterfall, but do not forget the Tree of Faith, Hope, and Love. For the children story lovers - get in the Red Riding Hood Grandma's house too.

The park is open all year round and has a free entrance.

The nearby village of Osikovitsa has about 650 inhabitants. There is one of the oldest churches in Bulgaria, built during the Ottoman rule in 1834. The history of this region is more than 2,500 years old and is full of Thracian sanctuaries.


Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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