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The largest "Historical Park" in Europe is being built on 130 decares near Varna, Bulgaria and is certainly something not to be neglected. The whole park should be completed by 2022. The complex will have several villages that will reveal the features of different periods in history.
"Historical Park" is a project for the presentation of unique cultural and historical values. The park will have a beautiful lake with parks, horseback riding, archery, antique and medieval fencing lessons, two cinema screens for 3D / 4D short screenings, etc. It will be separated into several settlements, representing the culture and specific of different historical periods. 

The first settlement will be connected with Neolithic and Chalcolithic. The New Stone Age is in particular associated with a group of specific behavioral and cultural changes among human societies, including cultivation of crop plants and the use of domestic animals.

The second settlement will reveal the features of the Thracian culture from the time of Orpheus and Spartacus. In this area, guests will be able to visit restorations of a Thracian temple of the Mother Goddess, a Thracian palace, etc.

The third settlement will be from the Roman era, represented by an antique theater and a Roman villa with a swimming pool. Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste traditional specialties of that time.

The fourth settlement will reveal the culture of Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians. The Bulgarians were very mobile and very well organized in the military action.

The fifth settlement will be dedicated to the First Bulgarian Empire with a reconstruction of the capital Pliska. A special place will be dedicated to the creation of the Bulgarian alphabet. Visitors will have the opportunity to write Glagolitic and Cyrillic.

The sixth settlement will be built in the same way as Tsarevets and will show the culture of the Second Bulgarian Empire

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