"Smokeless" Cigarettes With a New Excise From 1st October

Amendments to the Law on excises and tax warehouses provide for tobacco products to be a subject to a new excise duty from 1 October, which will also result in drastic risе of the price of smokeless electronic cigarettes.

However, the parliamentary groups are divided in terms of this change. So far, "For" the change are GERB and NFSB, and against - IMRO and BSP.

We expect the market share of electronic cigarettes to reach 1.6% by the end of the year. For the period January to May, the budget loss for Bulgaria is nearly 15 million leva. This was stated by the GERB MP Evgenia Angelova.

She also argued that electronic cigarette smoke producers (mainly Philip Morris on IQOS technology) should agree to reduce their profits in the name of the budget.

Atanas Kostadinov from BSP commented that we will become the only country in Europe in which there are flat rates for these products. This is an alternative to the cigarettes, not cigarette products, he added.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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