The Impossible Love and Cape Emine, Bulgaria

Cape Emine is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria, where you can feel the wind and nature. The place keeps many secrets, kisses, unrequited loves, and marriage proposals.

Cape Emine is a rocky cape on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It is 79 km south of Varna and 54 km north of Burgas. The nose represents the eastern end of the Stara Planina chain and conditionally divides the Bulgarian Black Sea coast into the North and South. Cape Emine is a protected area of the "natural landmark" category.

The sea around the nose is shallow, with hundreds of underwater and overhanging rocks scattered across more than 250m into the sea. Scary, but beautiful! That is why the shore here is extremely dangerous and the sailors surround it from afar. It is dangerous in a storm as well -  you can see here powerful waves, 4-5 m tall, overflowing the rocks. On the nose, there is a working lighthouse.

There are various legends around the name of the cape and according to some of them, the Greeks called it a windy place. According to others, the cape is named after Mohammed's mother - Emine and the most common is that it has the old name of Stara Planina - Emon.

The road to the village of Emona, where Cape Emine is situated, is bad, but some of the locals deliberately do not want it to be renovated so they could remain detached from the unnecessary vanity of time. In case of going there by car, you can leave it 2 km before the cape and take a walk. Many writers and painters choose the village of Emona as their preferred place of recreation during the summer months, drawing inspiration from the rugged landscape.

There is a beautiful legend about Cape Emine: once a lighthouse keeper was an old sailor who lived here with his only incredibly beautiful daughter. She was wild and free - swam, drove a boat, caught fish. The sea made her strong and courageous. Once, in a terrible storm, she saved a drowning sailor. The sailor fell in love with the girl. Later he promised to return but, unfortunately, couldn't keep the promise. From early morning until late at night standing on the nose, the girl waited for her love. Finally, maddened by despair, she thrown into the seashore, and the waves became purple-red. Today, when the sun rises, the seawater around the nose is reddish and depicts the love of the girl.

If you choose to visit Emine Cape and Irakli Beach, you can always rely on Irakli Camping. The campsite offers more than 30 seats for tents, caravans, and campers. All areas are grassed. Here you can choose between the natural shade of the trees and the view of the stars. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to the waves and watch the sky full of stars.


Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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