Bulgarian School During the Socialist Regime (PHOTOS)

The school year in Bulgaria is starting soon and this brings back a lot of memories for everyone. Spending years of hard work and having fun in school has left everyone with some memories - some of them good, some - not so much. But Bulgarian schools and educational system nowadays is quite different than it was thirty years ago during the Communist regime. 

Education in a Regime

The Communist regime shakes Bulgarian education fundamentally. Many teachers, students, and university lecturers became victims of the repressions, with their places occupied by loyal to the new authorities people. Apart from that, the communist ideology is imposed on the education, which also leads to serious shocks. A number of authors are forbidden to study for ideological reasons, entire sciences are rejected as bourgeois, and in many other areas of science, the principles of Marxism-Leninism are introduced. The international relations of the academic elite are limited within the Eastern Block and mainly the USSR, which makes it hard for the modern forms of education to be introduced.

On the other hand, the Communist power has a great merit in the development of engineering and science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and later in computer science). This is partly done to meet the needs of a rapidly industrializing economy, but also to win the race with the West in areas such as arms, space research, and sport. 

This policy gives results - the Bulgarian students start regularly win medals at the Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy, Bulgaria developed a very good space program for its time, good computer specialists have been prepared, and the country achieves enviable sporting successes world level.

The Rules at School 

No one will dare to argue that the schools during the Socialism have been much more strict and disciplined. Every student has been obliged to wear their school uniform. This was a way to be recognized and to control by the authorities. 

During the Communism in Bulgaria, they could not go to school without being dressed in a uniform. The boys wore a white shirt and black trousers, and the girls had to be dressed in a white blouse and a long black skirt. The boys were wearing a hat, and the girls were wearing a beret. Chavdarcheta (all students from 1st to 3rd grade) had a blue scarf around the neck, and the pioneers' were red. The Komsomol had to wear a badge of the JCCC. Nobody disobeyed this because they knew that there were severe punishments for not following this order.


As for the hairstyles, the boys had to be high-cut, and the girls had their hair tied. If someone systematically violated these requirements, their hair was cut entirely, which was considered humiliating. As for walking in short skirts for the girls, it was absolutely forbidden. If a girl had decided to make her lips red, wear makeup or varnish, then she went to the director to explain her behavior.

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