Plovdiv, Bulgaria will Host a Medieval Festival this Summer

This year, for the first time in the city of Plovdiv, a Medieval festival will be organized. "Life in Plovdiv in the Middle Ages" is the first festival in Bulgaria which offers visitors the chance to step back in time and have a taste of the medieval life! They will be able to immerse themselves in a different world by participating in games and competitions, theatre, crafts, battles, musical concerts, food and drink tasting, archery, popular lectures, documentaries, poetry, etc. The best part is the entrance is free!

When, where, for whom?

The Medieval Festival will be held on 23 and 24 June in the park “Mladezhki hulm” (Youth Hill) - Plovdiv.

This will be the first edition of the festival, with the ambition of becoming an annual European festival. So far there has not been an event of such a kind and in such large scale in Plovdiv. The program is extremely diverse and interesting for people of all ages and groups.


The initiator of the Plovdiv Medieval Festival is the Bulgarian Historical Heritage Foundation, chaired by Dr Kiril Nenov from the Institute for Historical Research - BAS. The organization has 12 years of experience in popularizing the medieval past of Bulgaria, and the organization of this festival is a completely natural result of the main subject of its activities. In November 2017, the Plovdiv Medieval Festival "Life in Plovdiv in the Middle Ages" was approved and rated under Component 1 "Festivals and Significant Events" and included in the Calendar of Cultural Events of Plovdiv Municipality for 2018.

Who can get involved?

Absolutely anyone - all children and adults will be able to participate in all entertainment (games, competitions, culinary delights and drinks, etc.). There is no participation fee, however, visitors will have the option to join lottery games, from which they may win rewards. There is no dress code - the guests of the event can come dressed the way they feel most comfortable. Of course, everyone can use the chance to transform themselves into a medieval or mythical hero. The event also has an educational character - from whom you will have the opportunity to learn curious facts about the everyday lives of people in the Middle Ages.

Stage and installation

There will be a military camp, craft workshops and a shopping street. Also, you will find a ring for martial demonstrations, a medieval-style home, and a piece of wooden fortification. There will also be a platform where visitors will be able to watch multimedia presentations and hear lectures about the medieval everyday life. Theatrical performances with live actors and dolls will be presented at the same venue. Visitors will be able to hear with their own ears how medieval poetry sounded in some medieval European languages in original and in translation. Along with this, there will be an exhibition of posters - "Bulgaria in West European Cartography (XIII-XV Century)". The program also includes the restoration of the folk celebration in honour of the summer solstice known in Bulgaria as Enyovden.

What will the games be?

There will be no barriers between the visitors and the participants in the event. Everyone present will have the opportunity to make direct and unhindered contact and to get an answer to their questions. At the same time, games and competitions will be open for the guests. Visitors can also get a glimpse of witchcraft, because herbs and potions, which have a certain magical significance in the Middle Ages, will be presented as well as divination techniques from the same period.

The Middle Ages Cuisine

Among the rest who will attend the event, there are a few specialists in the field of culinary art. They will not only present medieval specialities but provide them for tasting. There is no Medieval Festival without Mead - this drink is unjustly forgotten today, but its qualities will be dignified by local producers.

Music of The Middle Ages!

In the evenings the guests will witness a kind of musical fiesta. On the first day, the stage will be adorned with groups that perform exceptionally beautiful and gentle medieval music and music influenced by medieval aesthetics. For the first time, many will be able to hear some ancient instruments in which the forgotten spirit of antiquity is sealed. Among the groups that will take part are the names of: KsANa, Der Dudelgeist, Eriney, Ambient Folklore.

This information was given by Dr Kiril Nenov, who is responsible for the event.

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