Bulgaria Ranked Fifth in Top 10 World Grumpiest Tourists

Bulgarian tourists were ranked fifth in the Top 10 of the Grumpiest Tourists in the World in a study based on 3.5 million reviews of hotel accommodation. The reviews of 13410 hotels in 70 countries are written by citizens from 83 countries. The Travel Advice Company "Reward expert" has identified from which countries the tourists are most satisfied with their travel experience, and from which are not.

Spaniards are the tourists who are most difficult to please, the end result shows. A total of 11.73% of the opinions published by the Spaniards are undesirable.

Ireland gets the silver medal. Tourists from there are the most likely to leave one and two-star reviews of hotels abroad.

Iceland holds the third place, as their tourists write grumpy reviews at a rate higher than tourists from all but six other countries.

Bulgaria gets the fifth place. The company says that while natives of Eastern European nations generally ranked low in grumpiness and high in their willingness to give a glowing review, Bulgarians were a notable exception.

“A total of 252 out of 2,360 reviews left by Bulgarians traveling abroad were accompanied by a one or two-star rating. To their credit, Bulgarians were also the tenth most likely to leave five-star reviews, but this was insufficient to keep Bulgaria out of the ten countries with the most grumpy international tourists.”

Russia takes first place for being home of the world’s happiest tourists, followed by Serbia and Lebanon.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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