Bulgaria Will Be Divided into Nine Regions for Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism developed eight different thematic routes, that combine more than 150 cultural sites in more than 70 locations in Bulgaria.

Each of the regions of the country should be divided into nine distinct tourist areas, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova told the delegates of the World Council on Travel and Tourism. According to the plan, the Black Sea will be divided into two regions - North and South, and it will be offered not just as a tourism package but as a whole experience, she said, quoted by the press centre of the ministry.

All local structures - municipalities, local organizations and businesses should also participate in the creation of tourist regions. 

This will be a chance for the local businesses to secure stable development. Over the past two years, tourism in Bulgaria has grown by more than 25%. Last year nearly 8.9 million were the foreign tourist visits, of which 5.3 million had chosen to visit the Black Sea coast, Angelkova also said.

She commented that in most countries there are more tourists in large settlements, while in the smaller ones in the province the flow is not so great. This is also the trend in Bulgaria, so the aim of the ministry is to focus on attracting tourists across the country. The focus of the authorities is on the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage, the minister added, adding that the country is in third place in Europe for discovered artefacts.

The promotion of these destinations is a chance for local communities to provide employment in the given regions and to create socio-economic stability. This is an important step towards increasing the competitiveness of the whole sector and the sustainable development of tourism, the minister added.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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