Blue Rocks Nature Park, Bulgaria

This article is for all the ecotourism lovers, hiking enthusiasts and all of you who appreciate nature. Just imagine: the park is full of streams, waterfalls, caves, bizarre rocks, and spacious meadows with beautiful flowers and wildlife. Butterflies are flying around you and you could hear nothing but the wind around. Have you ever heard about the Blue Rocks Nature Park? It is situated near the town of Sliven, which is 300 kilometers east of Sofia and 100 kilometers west of Burgas.

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Sinite Kamani (The Blue Stones) is a name, which has become emblematic for the town. The rocks are rising near the town, but they are really blue. One of the explanations regarding the name is that the rocks look blue under specific atmospheric conditions – usually at night. The Natural Park is part of the protected areas network in Bulgaria.

The park has a great biological diversity. 97 lower plant species and 1,027 higher plant species were discovered in the area. The park is also a home of protected plants. 244 vertebrate species and 1,153 invertebrate animals represent the fauna.

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You can see there the rock phenomena "Halkata" (the Ring), "Kumini" (the Chimneys), "Kukli" (Dolls), "Gavikata" and Kaloyanovi towers. There are many interesting stories behind the phenomena. For example, Halkata, “the ring”, is thought to weave love spells from its 8m stone bulk, and a legend says that passing through the circle ensures a couple long life and happiness.

In addition, you can visit the caves "Zmeevi hoops", "Batch", "Futul", "Haydushka", and "Peschenik". In one of them, objects from the New Stone Age were found. From the Kulata peak, you can see the whole town of Sliven and enjoy the breathtaking view.

You can also rent a cozy villa there and experience night in the peaceful place, eat some homemade bread and drink special wine from the winery, where you can find 3000 wines from Bulgaria and abroad. Tourists also have two great opportunities – to buy one of the guided tours or to explore the attractions on their own. The best time to visit is between May and September.

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