Russia Stops the Import of Bulgarian Pork Products

Russia’s authorities started a temporary ban on Bulgarian pigs and pork products.

The news was reported by bTV, who cited RIA Novosti. The reason for the ban is stated to be the cases of African plague on Bulgaria’s pig farms. That’s why Russia has stopped importing pork meat, live pigs, or any other products related to swine from Bulgaria.

An exception is made for products that are manufactured in a way that would remove the disease, as in sausages, ready-made foods, fats, leather, etc. The Russian publication notes that the plague is spreading despite the 133-kilometer fence being built on the Bulgarian-Romanian border. 

The African plague on the Bulgarian livestock shocked the country and required government intervention and actions in order to isolate the disease. Besides the aforementioned fence being built, animals had to be euthanized, which was met with controversy in the country, mostly in social-media circles.

Alex Dimchev

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