Federica Mogerini will Meet with the Presidents of Serbia and Kosovo

European Union High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Federica Mogerini will meet today with the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo - Alexander Vucic and Hachim Thaci, in the framework of dialogue to normalize relations between the two countries.

The main topic of the talks will be the idea of " exchange of territories "- the Serbian town of Presevo to become a part of Kosovo, BNT reposted. The ethnic Albanian-dominated region is key to reaching an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. Territorial disputes are the basis for tense relations between the two countries, and normalization of their relations will open the way for EU membership.

The agreement would make Kamberi’s town and two other Serbian municipalities, Medvedja, and Presevo, part of Kosovo — something the ethnic Albanians who predominate in the region voted for back in 1992.

In exchange, Serbia would take over part of northern Kosovo populated mainly by Serbs. The leaders of both countries will meet today in Brussels, and they’re expected to discuss the proposed swap for the first time officially, Reuters stated. 

Opponents of the idea of land exchange warned that this poses a risk for the Balkans to reopen the "bleeding wounds" of the early 1990s.

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