5 Places to Visit in the Iskar Gorge

Near to the capital city Sofia and yet - a wonderful weekend escape with magnificent views, interesting stories, and beautiful nature, this is the Iskar Gorge. During the different seasons, you can experience different adventures there. In the spring you can walk the Vasov eco path and enjoy the waterfall Skaklya. In the summer, you can escape the heat in the caves and under the trees in the Lakatnik area, but the best moment to visit is probably in autumn. The view will just take your breath away. The white stones among the colorful trees are just something that has to be seen.

There are two ways to make your trip. The first is a train. This is a really good choice. For a short time, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Bulgarian nature in this region. But if you want to see everything interesting you will need to use a car or to choose the right train station and walk for a while. But where to go? Here are some ideas for you:

1. Vasov Eco path and Skaklya waterfall 

Just after the town of Svoge, the road begins to make its bizarre turns along the gorge, following the curves of the river. The first site to visit is located near the village of Bov. There you can visit the tourist center and the pedestrian hiking trails. We recommend the Vasov eco path. It begins from the Svoge-Mezdra road (the Bov train station) and continues to the village of Zasele. On its way, it passes through one of the three waterfalls in Bulgaria named Skaklya (from the Bulgarian word for jumping). The most famous and the highest one is located in the Vratza Balkan and the other is near the village of Breze, Sofia. Bov Skaklya is 85 meters high and looks impressive in spring. The end of the eco-path is in the village of Zasele, from where a beautiful panorama over the gorge is revealed.

2. Lakatnik Rocks

The next interesting landmark that you will pass is Lakatnik's cave. It's on the road itself and you can not miss it. Next to it, there is a restaurant where you can have a delicious meal and gather the strength for your tour. The real landmark here are the famous Lakatnik Rocks. The name Lakatnik comes from the twist that makes shapes the river. In Bulgarian "lakat" means elbow. The height of the rocks is 250 meters and almost vertical, which is a magnet for climbers. They have even built a small house that stands as if hanging on the rocks. If you don't like climbing rocks, you can also take the hiking trail. At its end, you will find yourself in a wonderful place with a view of the gorge. It is not a coincidence that here you can often see photographers with tripods who are trying to capture the view. There are also many caves around.

Monastery, Bulgaria

3. Seven Altars Monastery

One of the pearls of the Iskar Gorge is aside from the main road, in the village of Zverino. It is called the Seven Altars Monastery. It is named this way because of the seven chapels in the church, with which the monastery is popular all over the country. It is believed that such architecture does not exist in any Christian temple in Bulgaria. It was built in the 12-14 century. Today the monastery has 50 accommodation places and accepts visitors. The Christian abode is also one of 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria. Just a few kilometers away from the monastery there is a small farm, where you can enjoy animals such as ostriches, ponies, mouflon, deer, etc. It is a nice place for both adults and children.

Cherepish Monastery, Bulgaria

4. Cherepish Monastery

Perhaps the most magnificent part in the Iskar Gorge is the place where another temple is located - the Cherepish Monastery. It is built on the very bank of the river and is surrounded by rocks everywhere. The temple is named Dormition of the Mother of God and over the centuries has been burned and rebuilt again and again. It is declared a cultural monument of national importance. It consists of a church and a complex of several houses decorated with carvings and frescoes. By size, The Cherepish Monastery will not impress you, but it will really fascinate you with its tranquility and silence. 

Nature, Bulgaria

5. Rittly Rocks

The next object of our journey is the Rittly Rocks. They represent natural creation from several parallel flat rocks forming a kind of chutes. They are located at the very end of the gorge near the village of Lutybrod. They are about 80 meters high and formed about 120 million years ago. The village of Chelopek is also a starting point to the place where another famous historical figure - the poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev was killed and to Okolchitsa peak.



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