Annual Allianz Global Wealth Report - Bulgaria ranks 38th out of 53 Countries

According to the Allianz Global Wealth Report for 2017, the net (assets - debts) financial worth per capita in Bulgaria is 7,680 euros per person. This places our country 38th among the 53 countries surveyed in the world. Notably, this is above Romania which has net assets worth just 4,330 euros per person, despite having a higher GDP per capita and higher salaries.

By the amount of gross financial assets per capita, Bulgaria ranked 39th with 9760 euro per person. Since 2000, the amount has grown about 11 times - back then it was 880 euros.

The report also shows that the total financial assets in our country amounted to EUR 69 billion by the end of 2017. However, Bulgaria lags behind this indicator, being 46th. The countries in the region are ahead of us, and in Romania total financial assets are even twice as high as ours - EUR 129 billion, albeit with three times the population.

The net financial assets in Bulgaria at the end of last year were 54 billion euros, thus surpassing countries in the region such as Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Cuba, and Ukraine.

On the top of the ranking of net financial assets of the population is Switzerland - 173,990 euro, followed by the United States (168,640 euros) and Sweden (98,380 euros).

At the bottom are Argentina, India, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Ukraine. In the last four countries, the net assets are below 1000 euros per person. 

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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