“Kapana” Fest 2018 in Plovdiv From 28 - 30 September

One of the most popular events not only for the residents of Plovdiv but also for people from all over the country returns from 28 to 30 September. Although the summer is over, the mood in the future European Capital of Culture for 2019 is still positive.

“Kapana” is changing its costume for the autumn and will be full of art, feelings, and exciting events.

Four stages will take care of the musical mood: The Stars will bring us brilliant discoveries. Even more masterful rhythms and style take over the zone Soul Searchin' Vinyl, Stage “Kapana” will tell you amazing stories and will present finer arts at the festival. The Staropramen Stage will surprise its guests as always.

On September 28, „Kapana” Fest will be opened by Ruth Koleva and the Fingertones, Desy, and ALXNDR London from the UK. On September 29, the audience will be touched by Clavexperience, Mey ft. Jaycat from France, and Koka Mass Jazz and the Kitchens Brothers, and on the closing day, September 30, the musical arrangement will be made by Stop the Schizo and for the closing of the fest by Gravity Co.

These three days will fill your soul with literature, cinema, theater, talented artists, new ideas, and new opportunities. Some of the highlights during the fest include natural foods and beverages, a bazaar for gramophone records, graffiti, visual creations, and many others. Be sure to visit the book bazaar, where you can find interesting books regardless of your age.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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