Journalist Dimitar Varbanov Attacked by Group of Men During an Investigation

Three people attacked and beat the reporter of "Gospodari Na Efira" ("Lords of the Air") Dimitar Varbanov. The attackers are employees in a stock hall and their boss.

The correspondent of the show in Veliko Tarnovo was beaten on Wednesday by three people for his investigation into a warehouse selling products which have expired. In June, he alerted the District Directorate of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. Since then, there has been no adequate and visible response from the institutions, although it is clear from the circumstances presented that the journalist has been defending the public interest by signaling a dangerous practice, the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria stated.

The reporter and his team attended a sudden inspection, the purpose of which was to investigate the warehouse where previously expired foods were found. It was then found that the stockholders replaced the labels of the out of date items. According to the journalist, over 15 tonnes of expired foods were stored in the warehouse.

The check showed that there is a hidden room within the warehouse where the expired food was stored. This is the second inspection made there. Despite promises that the warehouse will be closed, this has not happened, which is the reason for the new investigation, when the reporter Dimitar Varbanov was attacked by the employees of the warehouse.

Varbanov was thrown on a concrete site and suffered injuries on the hands and the head. He was sent to the emergency room in Veliko Tarnovo. This is the second attack on the journalist. In 2010 he was hit with a hammer on his head, Nova reported.

The attackers were detained yesterday. "Two people are being held in custody for 24 hours, and the work of proving their criminal activity is ongoing," said Commissar Dimitar Mashov of the Ministry of Interior - Veliko Tarnovo.

Some days ago, the journalist from the Bivol website Dimitar Stoyanov and his Romanian counterpart Attila Biro were detained by the police during their investigation into the alleged destruction of documents proving a corrupt organization was siphoning EU funds.

Image: Screenshot from Gospodari Na Efira Video 

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