Disabled Bulgarian Girl Became a Precedent in the History of Cambridge University

A 17-year-old girl suffering from cerebral palsy has become a precedent in the history of Cambridge University. It changed the English language test certificate so that Maria Alexandrova from Vratsa could attend it despite her physical disabilities, Nova TV reported.

The girl cannot walk and hardly move her hands, but her mental potential is not affected, as does her spirit and her desire for development.

In an interview for the television, the mother of the student says that 80% of the schools in Vratsa rejected her with the argument that they do not accept "such children".

Nevertheless, Cambridge thinks otherwise. To obtain an advance English-language certificate, they changed the test mode because of her disabilities by increasing the duration of the exam, but without changing its content. The girl also has an assistant to fill in the answers she provides. The result: Certificate in Advanced English taken with Grade B and the overall score of 199.

The next dream that Maria wants to make come true is to go and study abroad. She says that at this stage her development in Vratsa is absolutely impossible because 90% of the city is difficult to access.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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