Bulgaria Ended Its Participation in the World Volleyball Championship 2018

Bulgaria's national volleyball team ended its participation in the World Volleyball Championship 2018. The team lost in a match with Canada with 2:3 (19:25, 14:25, 25:21, 25:19, 10:15) in the Arena Armeec in Sofia.

In the first two games, Bulgaria's team was surprisingly far below the expectations, and the team of Canada quickly led 0-2 games. Happily, there was a correction in the tactics of the hosting team, which led to the equalization of the result and the continuation of the match to a tiebreak. Finally, the result in it was 15:10 in favor of the visiting team.

The top scorer in the game was Nikolay Uchikov with 20 points and Todor Skrimov – 16 points. On the other side of the net, John Perrin scored 18 points and Nicholas Hoag - 15.

Bulgaria finished its participation with four wins, four losses and third place in the ranking. The Bulgarians started with a victory over Finland, as well as good results against Cuba and Puerto Rico, which allowed them to continue into the second group stage. Two losses appeared - from Iran and Poland, which stopped them on the road to "Final 6" in Italy.

The six best teams are Serbia, Russia, Poland, USA, Brazil, and Italy.

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