"AFIS" Agency: Bulgarian Government in a Critical Period

Institutional confidence continues to crumble - for the first time the mistrust in the parliament is at a higher level than the one in the judiciary and the prosecution. This showed a nationally representative survey of public opinion conducted by “AFIS” Agency from 14 to 19 September. 1,010 adult Bulgarian citizens were interviewed directly in their homes.

The proportion of people who think they live better than most people has fallen by two points in the last month. The main reasons are the scandals in the government, as well as the general anxiety about the development of the economy. As the most important topics, Bulgarians have indicated "Income and pensions" (23.9%), "Economic development" (13.8%), "Unemployment" (10.7%) and "Financial stability" (2%). Among these problems on the forehead is the healthcare issue, which ranks third with 11.5%. All of this, together with the rising prices of essential goods, as well as the expectations for higher bills for electricity, and heating influence the tendency of increasing public anxiety and affect the attitude towards the government.

Since mid-July, there has been an increase in the proportion of citizens who consider the situation in the country extremely tense - from 36.8% in June to 52.3% at the end of July. The change of ministers also marks a downward trend. If they were able to, people would release from their posts - Valeri Simeonov (46.0%), Tsetska Tsacheva (44.2%), and Rumen Porozhanov (36.8%). According to the interviewed people, the level of corruption is increasing (53.5%).

Most visible is the decline in support for the main ruling GERB party, and now its position is near to the one of its main competitor, the BSP.


Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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