Citizens Insist the European Commission to Investigate "GP Group"

In a petition, the Bivol website insists on an investigation into whether the Bulgarian “GP Group” has been involved in a corrupt scheme for draining EU funds. The petition is already signed by over 4,500 people. With it, Bivol insists:

- to withdraw confidence from the Bulgarian partner services - the Prosecutor's Office, the State Agency for National Security, and the Interior Ministry over their systematic refusal to investigate large-scale corruption with EU funds.

- to launch a European probe into the evidence of serious corruption - bribery, manipulated public procurement, fraud with project costs that have been published in the GPGate investigation.

- to freeze all European funds and payments for Bulgaria until the final results of this probe are known.

A copy of Deputy Prime Minister Donchev's signal was sent to the Commission for Counteracting Corruption and Removal of Unlawfully Acquired Property and to the Audit of EU Funds Executive Agency. All public procurement procedures and absorption of EU funds described in the publication, as well as the participation of the listed individuals and traders, shall be investigated.

However, Bivol believes that the Bulgarian authorities cannot reveal such a scheme of theft of EU funds. The media wants the investigation to be conducted from outside.

The Bulgarian site for investigative journalism, Bivol, and its partner, "Rise Romania", recently published an investigation revealing the schemes for abuse of EU funds in projects for BGN hundreds of millions – the #GPGate. Two journalists - Dimitar Stoyanov from Bivol and Attila Biro from "Rise Romania", were detained by the authorities while trying to rescue the documents from being burned.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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