Captain of Poland's National Volleyball Team Unhappy With Bulgaria

The captain of the Polish national volleyball team, Michał Kubiak, was unhappy with the quality of the hotel and service during the FVB World Championship in Bulgaria. According to him, some members of the Polish national team suffered from food poisoning and some of their clothes were lost.

During an interview with, Kubiak said: “Our hotel was 5 stars, but I don’t know why. I travel a lot and often visit 5-star hotels. They are much better than this, certainly when it comes to food. Perhaps we didn’t have a problem in the first or second day, but after ten days of eating the same food, probably fried in the same oil, I had enough.”

Kubiak reports that he and other members of the Polish team and staff showed signs of food poisoning. These setbacks didn’t stop the team, however, as they qualified for the second round of the tournament. Their next match will be against Argentina.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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