Hidden Camera Record: "10% of the Fuel in the Buses is for the MRF"

OFFnews.bg published a scandalous record made with a hidden camera regarding the Bulgarian State Railways in which an inspector claims that 10% of the fuel in the buses is for the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) party.

"While the MRF supports the management, new trains for BSR will not be available, and passengers will go to the bus companies that report to the party's cash register," said Evgeni Dimitrov, internal security inspector at BDZ - Passenger Transport, in front of the hidden camera. The former employee Petar Brasnasov, an expert in internal control, made the record.

According to Dimitrov, there is a scheme to fund the party with charging cards from gas stations. The scheme is obtained by charging 500 liters to the buses, and 10% go to the MRF. After the end of the mandate in 2020, they "promised new machines, wagons. Until then - fake repairs, as much as possible," he adds.

After that, the inspector explains how two days after the repair of a 52-series locomotive goes back for another repair because of a poorly done job. He also tells how a new locomotive has been burned in the Nadezhda depot, as nobody has cleared the accumulated oil and lubricants on it. "The machines are old - they are flowing, everything is in oil, but we try to prevent leaks, so the whole machine won't burn when it's lit", says Evgeni Dimitrov.

"Union Ivconi" gives them money, "Etap Address" give, "Biomet" give money, "Metro" give millions, it's money, income", says the security inspector as a reason why there will be no train repairs soon.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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