Bulgaria Expects Lower Grape Harvest. Wine Output Affected

Bulgaria’s grape harvest this season will be poorer due to the unfavorable weather.

Capital.bg reported on the problem. They write that the large amount of rain at the start of the summer caused agricultural problems which will decrease the output of grapes this year. The initial prognosis from the government point to a 10% decrease. At the same time, they claim that the sugar content of the harvest will be bigger.

Capital also reports that the agricultural minister Rumen Porozhanov commented on the situation during the grape harvest in Chirpan. He claimed that the wine grape production will be equal to 150-160 million tons, a decrease from 2017’s 166 million tons. Porozhanov states that the wine-producing regions experienced a lot of rain and hail, something the field weren’t equipped to handle.

2017 was also a reportedly weak year for Bulgarian agricultural sectors, with decreases in the output of plums, peaches, as well as wheat and barley.

Image Source: pixabay

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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