Bulgarian and Romanian Journalists Detained in Bulgaria; New Detainees Linked to "Arabadziev" Case Caught with BGN 500,000

Bulgarian and Romanian Journalists Detained in Bulgaria; What is “GPgate” and Why Were the Journalists Detained? - if you have missed these and other interesting news that happened during this working week - here is your chance to catch up and share your opinion.


Monday, September 10, 2018

684,123 Bulgarians Live with a Pension of up to BGN 200

684,123 Bulgarians take a monthly pension of up to BGN 200 (€100). This showed a reference to the National Social Security Institute for the first three months of the year.

"Wave Resort" - Bulgarian-Turkish Complex for EUR 30 Million to be Built Near Aheloy, Bulgaria

An investment for millions on the beach, close to one of the most loved places in Bulgaria. The Wave Resort is located 500 meters from the Aheloy camping site and is expected to open at the beginning of the next summer season.

Driver In Svoge Bus Crash Speaks Out

The driver of the bus during the crash near Svoge that cost the lives of 17 passengers spoke about the incident, taking responsibility and expressing deep regret.

Serbian President Calls Slobodan Milošević "Great Serbian Leader"

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić caused controversy in Croatia, Kosovo, and Albania after praising Slobodan Milošević, the former President of Serbia and a major figure during the Yugoslav wars.


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Nearly 70% of the Employers in Bulgaria are Looking for Staff

Nearly 70% of employers are or will be looking for staff to hire next year. This showed the results of a survey of the Bulgarian Employment Agency. 2,615 employers have already identified their short and medium-term staffing needs.

Transport Industry in Bulgaria Against the New Eco-Tax for Trucks and Buses

The carriers demand the exclusion of heavy goods vehicles and buses from the Ordinance on Product Charges. So far, over BGN 80,000 taxes have been paid in less than a month, according to industry estimates.

Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology May Stop Working

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) may stop working next week because of the lack of leadership, warned Prof. Hristomir Branzov, the ex-director of the institute in an interview.

Bulgarian Women Have the Lowest Life Expectancy in the EU

The British Health Service has published statistics according to which Bulgarian women are the last in the European Union regarding life expectancy. The ranking is based on Eurostat data. 

EU Leaders in Operation "Save Theresa"

All British newspapers reflect the words of the EU's chief negotiator on Brexit Michel Barnier, that an agreement on leaving Britain could be reached in the next 6-8 weeks.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bulgaria Has Some of the Cheapest Cigarettes Worldwide

According to the statistics, Macedonians smoke the cheapest cigarettes on the Balkans by paying for a pack of cigarettes – EUR 1.95, and the most expensive ones are in Croatia – EUR 3.50/pack.

Bulgaria - One of the Fastest Growing Tourist Destinations in the EU

Bulgaria is becoming a destination with sustainable progress. Meanwhile, the preparations for summer 2019 have started and the minister hopes that it will be even more successful, as tour operators like “Thomas Cook” and “TUI” consider starting flights to Bulgaria in April 2019.

Turkish Manufacturer "Sarkuysan" to Invest BGN 17 Million in a Factory in Shumen, Bulgaria

The Ministry of Еconomy announced that the Turkish manufacturer of copper cables "Sarkuysan" will invest BGN 17 million in a factory in Shumen, Bulgaria. The company must start working in five years and to employ 40 people.

New Detainees Linked to "Arabadziev" Case Caught with BGN 500,000

The Special Prosecution announced that three new suspects with BGN 500,000 in cash were detained, related to the case of tax crimes and money laundering against the family of Vetko and Marinela Arabadzhiev.

Juncker: The EU is a Guarantor of Security

The European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the EU plans to send 10,000 more border guards to manage with unlawful immigration by 2020.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Passengers from Beirut Transferred Without a Baggage Checking at Sofia Airport, Bulgaria

The Airport Authority rules oblige a recheck, as Lebanon is considered a risky country, but that did not happen and the 40 passengers went to London.

Weber: Bulgaria and Croatia Should Immediately Join Schengen

"I want the Romanian government to put an end to the risks involved in the fight against corruption in order to allow all three countries to join Schengen," Weber said.

Bulgarian Milk Businesses Suggest Vegetable Oil Ban

Since milk is costlier than vegetable oils, the price of milk products like cheese will increase to its actual level. 

DPS Politician Ahmed Dogan Buys Varna Thermal Power Plant

According to information from Capital, the plant doesn’t produce any electricity despite having 168 employees as of June 2018.

An Armed Swiss was Arrested at the "Kapitan Andreevo" Border Crossing in Bulgaria

A Swiss citizen traveling to the Syrian city of Idlib was detained at the "Kapitan Andreevo" border crossing, informеd the office of the Prosecution. The goal of the man was to enter Turkey.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Breaking News: Bulgarian and Romanian Journalists Detained in Bulgaria

Attila Biro, a Romanian journalist, was detained by Bulgarian police on Thursday evening, alongside a Bulgarian journalist near Pernik. They were working on an investigation related to the abolition of documents related to European fund fraud

What is “GPgate” and Why Were Journalists From Romania and Bulgaria Detained?

The “Bivol” site has investigated a case and eventually received non-public documentation for dozens of projects totaling hundreds of millions of BGN. Bulgarian and Romanian journalists were detained while working on an investigation related to the burning of these documents.

Kaufland to Withdraw Products From Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria

The German retailer Kaufland removed 480 products – all manufactured by Unilever – from its shelves after the Dutch FMCG producer ushered in an "unacceptable" price rises.

Four Bulgarian Start-Up Companies Selected for “Start. Up! Germany”

Four start-up companies were selected to represent Bulgaria for the “Start. Up! Germany” International event. In October, startups will go to Germany where they will compete against the top 40 finalists from around the world and will have the opportunity to present their projects to investors from Europe






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