Latécoère Factory Near Plovdiv, Bulgaria Starts Work for Airbus

A Latécoère factory near Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has started manufacturing components for Airbus. reported on the development. They write that the construction of the Plovdiv factory started less than a year ago. Currently, Latécoère is assembling airplane compartments and will start making doors before the end of 2018. Their third product will be airplane noses which are planned to launch next year. The overall investment in the Plovdiv factory is estimated at €15 million.

Latécoère prepared the project for the last two years. The company registered Latécoère Bulgaria and officially announced their investment last September. The factory started working this spring. The start of the full manufacturing process is slow, however, due to the strict safety measures of the aviation industry.

The plant spans 5,000 m2 and will be increased with an additional 4,000 m2 in 2019. As of now, Airbus is the only client of the factory.  The compartments are used in the A350 and A380 models. There are plans for starting production of such compartments for the military A400M model. 

Image Source: Flickr

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