Bulgaria Has Some of the Cheapest Cigarettes Worldwide

The World Health Organization conducted a study on cigarette prices worldwide, Actualno reported. According to the statistics, Macedonians smoke the cheapest cigarettes on the Balkans by paying for a pack of cigarettes – EUR 1.95, and the most expensive ones are in Croatia – EUR 3.50/pack. In Serbia, the cost of cigarettes is from EUR 2.40 to 2.60, in Albania – around EUR 2.37, and in Bulgaria – EUR 2.81.

Europe's most expensive cigarettes are in the UK, Ireland, Norway, and Iceland, with prices ranging from EUR 10.32 to EUR 11.54. The place with the most expensive cigarettes in the world is Australia, where one pack is more than EUR 17.

According to Our World in Data study, in 2016 almost 720,000 people in India died because of smoking, 500,000 in the USA, in Russia – 282,072 people, and in Bulgaria - 14,910. Statistics show also that more and more people start smoking.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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