Serbian President Calls Slobodan Milošević "Great Serbian Leader"

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić caused controversy in Croatia, Kosovo, and Albania after praising Slobodan Milošević, the former President of Serbia and a major figure during the Yugoslav wars.

During a speech in Kosov, Vučić stated: “Milošević was a great Serbian leader, his intentions were, of course, the best, but the results were much worse. Not because he wanted them, but because we underestimated the interests and problems of other nations.” He continued: “This is why we paid the biggest and heaviest price – we didn’t expand. Or said in a better way, we didn’t expand in a way in which some people planned.”

Kadri Veseli, the Chairman of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo claimed that Vučić’s comments prove Serbian politicians still follow the philosophy and methods of Milošević. The Yugoslav era tensions and conflicts that are still present in the Western Balkans states are a major obstacle towards their joining of the European Union.

The former Serb President was under trial on the charge of genocide against the Bosnian Muslims during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Milošević died in 2006 and was later acquitted from the charges, though the former Serbian president is still blamed for failing to prevent a genocide. Despite the acquittal, his legacy in the former Yugoslav states and worldwide is controversial, to say the least.

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