Are the Jellyfish in the Black Sea Dangerous?

Many of the tourists in Bulgaria are worried that the jellyfish that inhabit the Black Sea are dangerous.

In an interview with FOCUS Radio - Varna, the head of the Intensive Treatment of Acute Intoxications and Toxoallergy at the Military Medical Academy - Varna University Hospital said that they are not dangerous, so the tourists at the Black Sea coast should be calm and enjoy the holiday. According to her words, two species of jellyfish can be met in the Black Sea.

One is Aurelia aurita, which has four pink circles in her body. It is more likely to be seen in June, late August, and early September.

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The second species of jellyfish that inhabits the Black Sea is Rhizostoma Pulmo. It is much larger in size and can be spotted along the coast in September and October. Its poison has both toxic and allergic properties, but Black Sea jellyfish have very small tentacles and poison is difficult to pass through the human skin. There is a danger if it gets on the mucous membranes. Then there are chances of reactions such as pain, burning, redness, runoff.

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The advice of professionals is to seek medical attention, as complications may arise.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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