Best Salt Shaker Competition to be Held in Burgas, Bulgaria

This year’s Salt Festival in Burgas announced a competition for the best salt shaker.

The competition will be called “Pass me… the salt shaker.” Contestants will try to win the prize by bringing the most original and impressive salt shaker, no matter if it is an antique or a newer model. "Pass me… the salt shaker" will start on August 10, 5:30 PM at the shore of Atanasovsko salt lake. The entire festival begins at 4:00 PM and will last until 10:00 PM. The Salt Festival will include exhibitions, kid’s shops, degustations of chocolate with salt particles, lectures on the health benefits of sea salt, sports competitions, and a “Miss and Mister Salt Mud” competition.

A special focus will be put on the photo ateliers called “Old pictures with new people” and “Light around people.” They will provide digitally altered pictures with a historical theme and light shows. The festival will include a concert with surprise performances by famous Bulgarian musicians.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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