Mandatory Diapers for Dogs in Plovdiv?

The manager of the Parks and Public Spaces office in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, proposed that dogs should wear diapers while they are walked in the city’s gardens and parks.

The amusing solution to a very real problem was reported by bTV. Stoyan Aleksiev, the manager of Parks and Public Spaces said: “Dog owners walk their pets on public spaces such as parks and gardens which forbid the access of dogs, but they go in anyway. Let them come in with diapers on their dogs. There won’t be filth, there won’t be pollution.”

Aleksiev also commented on a recent case of a scandal between a dog owner and shop manager. The dog owner was shot after his pet relieved itself in the shop’s window. Aleksiev said: “I can’t foretell the future. But I think that if the dog had a diaper, maybe the tragic incident wouldn’t have occurred.”

bTV reports that dog owners disapprove of the proposition, while people that want to enjoy the city parks and gardens support it. Aleksiev plans to suggest the law to the local government.

Image Source: Flickr

Alex Dimchev

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