"Apollonia" in Sozopol - the Center of Culture in Bulgaria in September

For ten days Sozopol will once again host one of the most popular festivals in Bulgaria. The “Apollonia” Festival will take place from August 31st to September 8th and will give a stage to artists in the fields of music, theater, cinema, literature, and fine arts. This year is its 34th edition and it has more than 70 events.

The program includes many colorful events - exhibitions in the Art Gallery, classical, jazz and popular music concerts, and for one of them we are pretty sure it will make the audience dancing – the concert of the folk ensemble "Strandzha". During the 9 nights on the stage of the amphitheater Hilda Kazasyan, Beloslava, Stanley, Angel Zabersky trio, Vasil Petrov and Military Big Band - Stara Zagora, Jeremy, Militsa Gladnishka, GloBalKan, Koka Mass Jazz, and Funky Miracle are going to sing. In addition, one of the most popular Bulgarian bands - FSB will celebrate 40 years on stage, and this will be their first appearance at the “Apollonia” Festival.

Over 15 are the literature events included in this year's edition, and book lovers will be able to enjoy the premieres of books by popular authors as well as those already familiar.

Theatrical art will also be featured on the festival days, and Zahari Baharov, the winner of Asker and Ikar prices for a leading male in “Chamkoria”, will take part in them. Seven movies will be presented at the cinema evenings. Tickets for the events, as well as the golden pass that provides access to all of them, are on sale in the Eventim network.

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