Air Pollution Lawsuit Against Sofia Municipality

A collective lawsuit of Sofia citizens was filed again in the Sofian municipality concerning the air pollution in the city. The process will begin on October 1.

bTV reports on the legal action. They write that each citizen that wants to join the legal battle can do so by signing up to the collective lawsuit from the “Clean Air Group.” The accusations against the Sofia city municipality are of inaction that led to vast air pollution, which caused health problems for Sofia’s inhabitants.

The municipality denies the accusations, claiming that they aren’t true, as the local government wasn’t inactive. They claim their policies have decreased the air pollution in the city. The municipality points out that the small particles in the air as the major problem that causes health issues in the citizenry.

The Clean Air Group has to gather BGN 15,000 for the lawsuit. The original inquires for starting it have been made as early as May 2016, but since this kind of lawsuit is a first to the Bulgarian judicial system, the process is slow.

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