Devexperts Software Company Opens a Development Center in Bulgaria

Financial Software Company Devexperts announced the opening of its development center in Sofia, "Capital" announced. It is expected that within the next two years the company will employ 80 people. Devexperts works in Munich, Antalya, and Porto.

Bulgaria managed to overcome the competition in the face of the Czech Republic and Hungary, as the company's representatives believe that there are more qualified software specialists here, as well as excellent technological infrastructure. Among the priorities of Devexperts will be working with local universities, organizing training, and creating internship programs. In an interview for "Capital", Viktor Andonov, who will lead the development center in Bulgaria, commented that the company is looking for specialists in super-fast trading algorithms, processing large data sets, artificial intelligence, etc.

Devexprts is working on software solutions, developing online trading platforms, risk management tools, and algorithmic tools for real-time data processing and analysis.

Devexperts was founded in 2002. At present, the company has over 400 employees around the world.

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