Missing Train Along the Burgas-Sofia Line

Bulgarian state railways sold tickets to dozens of passengers, but did not launch a train to transport them, says "Sega" newspaper. According to the information, the passengers traveling along the Burgas - Sofia line with a transfer in Karlovo have been waiting for hours for the missing Karlovo - Sofia train.

At the station in Karlovo, it was only announced that the train at 13:25 was canceled. Passengers were informed that possibly another train could pass by the same route until the evening, but the BDZ officials did not specify any time.

Subsequently, BDZ explained that the problem was related to a technical failure with the train and that no other rolling stock could be provided in this direction. The next possible train was 3 hours later, at 17:45.

At the passenger's request, they can return their tickets and get their money back.

According to the rules of the European Union, after a one-hour delay, passengers have the right to give up the trip and to request the return of the money, as well as to use alternative transport, food, beverages, and a hotel accommodation. The client has no right to have a refund if he was informed before buying the ticket for the delay.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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