Bansko with Additional Budget Transfer of BGN 1 million

At its meeting on 1 August, the Council of Ministers approved an additional budget transfer of BGN 1,000,000 for Bansko Municipality. The funds will be used for the construction of "Nayden Gerov" Street in the resort and its connection with the ring road leading to the Republican road network.

The mayor of the city expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and the government for the support they have given. The road link that will create the connection between the Republican road network and the tourist zone is essential for the development of the resort as it will allow the traffic to be directed to the periphery of the city during the busy months of the active season.

Bansko is a well-known destination for winter tourism, offering to tourists, apart from rest and incredible views, but also attractive experiences. It's a gateway to numerous ski and snowboard slopes on Todorka Peak, including the challenging Tomba run.

Meanwhile, today is the opening of the 21st edition of the International Jazz Festival in Bansko, organized with the support of Bansko Municipality. The event will once again offer its true admirers a week of unforgettable jazz music.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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