Bulgarian Company Created a Unique Solar Collector

Bulgarian company has created a powerful solar collector, which is a world innovation, “24 hours” newspaper reported. It produces hot water, absorbing up to 30% more solar energy than the already existing ones.

It will be presented at the 74th Technical Fair in Plovdiv and, since the product does not have an analog, it is expected to be one of the sensations. The Bulgarian invention will compete with products and services of companies from nearly 40 countries.

The other innovation on the Bulgarian side is an integrated business system - a cloud service that combines corporate data for customers, sales, purchases, stocks, finances, and processes.

The International Technical Fair is one of the most prestigious business forums for investment goods and technology in Southeastern Europe and will be held from September 24 until September 29 in Plovdiv. More than 30,000 professionals from Bulgaria and Europe are expected at the exhibition. Present trends in machine building, electronics, and electrical engineering, energy and ecology, water sector, information technology, robotics, automation, etc. are expected to be presented at the upcoming exhibition. The fair is the place where everyone can find innovation that will appeal to them or their business.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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