Bulgaria Gives 60k. Additional Funding to Heraclea Sintica Archaeologists

The Bulgarian government added an additional 60,000 leva to the funding of the archeological digs at Heraclea Sintica, near Rupite.

The government gave 100,000 leva to the archeologists this May. The archeologists recently found a headless Roman statue of great quality. One archeologist even compared it to the statues of the Roman Emperors. Heraclea Sintica has a rich history spanning from antiquity all the way to the Medieval period in the Balkans. A government press release states that there’s hope of excavating the as much of the town as possible, like the town’s square, the surrounding buildings, and a theatre.

Heraclea Sintica is speculated to have been the capital of Middle Struma. It was founded by Phillip II of Macedon, in the 4th century BC. The digs began in 2007 and made Heraclea Sintica into an attractive tourist destination. The recently found statue will likely give an even bigger boost to the ancient appeal of the city. The site was visited by 50-60 tourists last year alone. It’s the only ancient Greek-Macedonian city under excavation in Bulgaria.



Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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