Sakskoburggotski Fears Another Exile Due to Property Feuds

Bulgaria’s last tsar and former Prime Minister, Simeon Sakskoburggotski, commented on the recent events concerning his legal feud with the Bulgarian government concerning some prominent real estate in the country. Sakskoburggotski claimed that the government is trying to force him into a second exile from Bulgaria.

August 28 marks the 75th anniversary of Boris III’s death in 1943, tsar of Bulgaria and father of Simeon Sakskoburggotski. During the commemoration ceremony at Boris III’s grave in Rila Monastery, his son was interviewed by Bulgarian media. He stated: “In 1946, we received a list by the Fatherland Front and not by the monarchy, for the estates. After that, in 1998, the ownership was confirmed, but suddenly, these unpleasant and humiliating persecutions of me began. For me to see this, at the end of my life, to be tortured and harassed with made up and fake pretenses, it’s hard.”

He also said: “There was a moment in which I was thinking about how ugly it would be, in a democratic Bulgaria, for me to be forced into another exile.” When asked whether the legal suits have a political motivation, Sakskoburggotski stated: “I think that’s obvious, because if we look at the facts in a civilized, democratic and European state, private property can’t be disputed.”

The former PM also stated that the people who are trying to take away his lands and forests should have been raised better by their parents. He refused to elaborate further, saying: “I can say a lot more about today’s customs and habits, but we are here today for a different occasion.” 

Last week, the former tsar and his sister, Marie Louise, lost the rights to the Vrana Palace after a long legal battle.

 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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