Increase in the Number of Visitors to Bulgaria in July

NSI reported that in July, the number of the trips of Bulgarian residents abroad was 727,500 or by 9.3% more than the registered at the same time the previous year.

The biggest increases in the total number of the trips of Bulgarians are to Greece - by 14.4%, Turkey - by 14.2% and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - by 8.9%. Most trips were made to Turkey – 167,300, Greece – 150,400, Germany – 66,000, Romania – 62,800, and Serbia - 38,100.

Image Souce: NSI

The number of arrivals and visitors to Bulgaria was 2,152,800 or by 6.5% more in comparison with July 2017. An increase was registered in the visits of citizens from the United Kingdom - 30.4%, Czech Republic - 26.6%, and Belgium -  25.4%. The biggest numbers of visits to Bulgaria were from Romania – 296,200, Germany – 234,400, and Turkey – 211,000.

Image Source: NSI

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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