Chinese Energy Representatives Visit Belene NPP Site in Bulgaria

Representatives from the Chinese National Energy Administration visited the construction site of Belene Nuclear Power, Bulgaria, for an inspection.

The information was announced by the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy and reported by The Chinese delegation included members of the China National Nuclear Corporation, the China General Nuclear Power Group, and the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.

CNNC is the likeliest potential investor in the Belene Nuclear Power Plant. The investment auction is expected to be announced in October of 2018. The inspection of the construction site is part of the Intergovernmental agreement on the peaceful use of atomic energy that was signed between Bulgaria and China in July 2018.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Energy announced that the executive director of the National Electrical Company, Petar Iliev, talked to the delegation and explained how the equipment bought from Atomstroyexport is being stored. He’s quoted as saying: “The site of the plant spans 2500 acres, the necessary work facilities for the functioning of Belene are built. The roads, train track, the dock, and a concrete node are also constructed. The reactor department and the turbine hall are the only things that remain to be built.

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