75th Anniversary of Bulgarian Tsar Boris III's Death

August 28th is the 75th anniversary of the death of Boris III, Tsar of Bulgaria. Today he is remembered internationally as the main leader of Bulgaria during the Second World War on the side of the Axis and for defying Adolf Hitler’s demands of deporting Bulgaria’s Jewish population to concentration camps.

Boris III died unexpectedly in 1943 after a short illness. The exact cause of death has raised suspicion, considering Boris was 49 at the time. He was succeeded by his son, Simeon II, who was only 6 years of age. A regency had to be established. Soon after, the Soviet troops entered Bulgaria and the political regime was changed to a pro-Soviet one. The monarchy was abolished in 1946 and most members of the royal family were forced into exile.

Boris III’s remains lay at Rila Monastery, Bulgaria’s most important Orthodox Christian center. Boris III is remembered by many Bulgarians as the last good Bulgarian ruler. The period of his personal rule in the mid-to-tale 1930s is considered a Golden Age for Bulgaria.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Alex Dimchev

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