"Island and Friends" Festival to be Held on St. Anastasia Island, Bulgaria

Music Festival "Island and Friends" will be held on September 1 on the island of St. Anastasia, Actualno reported. The organizers promise fresh music, lots of dances, beach mood and fabulous experience on the island of Burgas.

"Banda del Padre", "Desy live band" and DJ Vagabond will warm the emotions of the guests at the event. On September 1, at 5 pm from the Burgas port departs a ship to the island of St. Anastasia and the ship in the opposite direction leaves from the island at 11 pm.

The hosts of the island event have taken care of the culinary delight of the guests, as attendees will be able to eat fresh seafood, to try the tea with herbs from the island’s "doctor" or to taste the drinks in the “Bar against the lighthouse”.

Tickets for the “Island and Friends” Festival can be purchased from the Port of Burgas from 3 pm on 01.09 after prior reservation.

The price of the tickets depends on the number of purchased tickets: for one person the ticket is BGN 50, for 2 - BGN 90 and for a company of 10 people - BGN 350. The ticket price includes the ship tickets and the entrance to the music program.

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Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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