Construction Plan for the Silistar Region

The mayor of Tsarevo Georgi Lapchev has submitted a report approving a detailed development plan for a 22-hectare villa village next to the Silistar beach, which is located in the Nature Park "Strandja" and "Natura 2000". This was announced in an article by, where they published the document for the deal as well. 

The Tsarevo City Council will discuss the report on Friday, August 24th. If it is approved, the Carevo Municipality will face a scandal comparable to that around the "Golden Pearl" - the destroyed illegal holiday complex near Varvara, as the decision will be taken unlawfully.

This is because first - it is located in Park Strandzha and Natura 2000 and requires an opinion of the Ministry of Environment and Water, and second - the investment project violates an ordinance of MRDPW not to approve a partial plan for development before the adoption of the Master Plan for the Tsarevo Municipality.

The property has not been planned for development by the planning of the Municipality of Tsarevo since 1998 and the Master Plan of the Municipality of Tsarevo since 2008. According to the last proposed version of the plan of 2018, no construction of villa is foreseen in the area of Silistar.

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